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Things To Do In Vegas (hidden gems)

Here's what I did in Vegas last weekend ~ the places I visited, the food I ate, most of which was off the strip! If you're going to Vegas and are looking for some hidden gems, check out my recs!

Here are my recs for cute coffee shops, restaurants, hidden gems, + more!

Day 1: When I got there, my boyfriend took me to a coffee shop called Vesta.

They have great coffee and really good food ~ this was the most simple as far as aesthetic goes, but still cute. Great for grab + go.

When I got back to the room, I relaxed in the tub + did a lot of self-care.

Day 2: Derek + I went to multiple coffee shops + spent the night relaxing.

Nestled away in what used to be a motel, was the cutest shopping/coffeeshop/hangout spot.

Coffee 1: Mothership

Coffee 2: Bungalow

We just happened upon this place and it was A VIBE. I think this was my fave of the trip.

Dinner: Salt & Ivy

Great food + drinks - Located in The Aria hotel

Day 3: We went hiking at Red Rocks. For breakfast, we stopped at a cute coffee shop with AMAZING food.

Coffee 1: Public Us

Red Rocks is a beautiful local park you can drive through + hike. It's stunning + the view from the top is worth it.

Coffee 2: Bad Owl

A Harry Potter inspired coffee shop - nuff said.

Dinner: Din Tai Fung

The best Tai food ever!! Located in The Aria. PLEASE GO HERE - you will thank me later.

Day 4: We went back to Bungalow in the morning and Derek worked all day.

They had a donut wheel!!!! Which we thoroughly enjoyed.

I left on day 5 after we hit up Vesta again for one final coffee.

I had the most relaxing weekend + really needed it. Many baths were taken, coffees were enjoyed, and tummies were happy.

If you have any recs I should try or if you've tried any of these places, I'd love to hear about it!

xoxo, Crystal


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