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Travel Essentials

All this traveling for the holidays, I figured I'd post a travel post! Hopefully you've had a great holiday season and are sitting peacefully somewhere enjoying all your presents. If you're not, I totally get it. It can get crazy this time of year with visiting family and everything. I flew across the country to see mine.

I'm a nervous flyer. I always have been. (check out my post about how I got rid of my motion sickness)

Luckily, I've found some things that help make being on a plane a little more comfortable.

Obviously, I bring my laptop, chargers, and water, so I'm not going to add that to the description.

These are more like useful, uncommon things I bring with me every time I travel. Possibly things you may not think of bringing with you. Maybe this will give you some ideas on what to bring on your next trip!

My number one item is headphones. I need these like I need air on a plane. I get super sensitive with the ascending and descending. My ears always hurt so bad. These help keep the air pressure around my ears more consistent. I don't know how, maybe the noise canceling and cuffs create a seal around that area? Idk, I'm not a scientist... it just works. Plus, their sound quality and noise canceling is the bomb. No more crying babies (which this time there was a plethora of) and loud plane noises. It's like you're in your own private oasis. That's what makes these number 1 on my list.

I put this in a 1oz travel bottle and bring it with me in my carry-on. I get both at Whole Foods. This stuff helps so much when flying, for me. I always get hot and feel so gross and the toner refreshes and cools me off. I like to do a spray somewhere in the middle of my flight and when I land. It also gives me a little hydration, which is a necessity when flying with all that gross cabin air. The Matcha Stick is just the best stick ever. It's moisturizing, unscented, and you can put it on anything. I use it as the best chapstick on the planet and on my under-eyes. It doesn't taste like anything. (it's coconut oil based and all organic, so you could literally eat it...) Best stick ever for dry spots and I hear it can help with eczema and skin conditions. Just sayin'

Neck Pillow

This is a given for most people. But, I thought I'd just throw it in here for good measure. I don't have any special neck pillow or anything. I got mine at TJ Maxx. (If I ever find one worth blogging about, I will let you guys know) I just love them and can't travel without mine. Why are plane seats so uncomfortable?!

I've gotten to the point where I don't know if I'm cured or if this is what's curing me. But, I don't feel sick when I fly anymore, and I'm too scared to try flying without it so.... As far as I know, this stuff works amazing! It has great Amazon reviews and it's a strip instead of a pill. You just let it melt on your tongue an hour before flying and voila! It makes a big difference!

EO Essential Oils Hand Sanitizer (wipes&spray)

Look, we all know I'm super extra. So, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone when I say I bring both of these with me... I need the wipes when my hands feel gross and they need to be wiped and I can't wash them somewhere. The spray is a quick fix that kills some germs and is a wonderful relaxing scent. I also LOVE this spray sanitizer because it doubles as a spot treatment for pimples I've been picking at throughout the day. I just get it at Whole Foods.

This is a new add for me. I don't usually use sheet masks or eye masks on flights. But, if all the other influencers are doin' it, I'm gonna try it too. (duh) No, but in all seriousness, who doesn't love a good sheet mask? And what way to make your flying experience more enjoyable and hydrate your face than a sheet mask?! I always have a window seat so I don't think anyone even noticed... This kit comes with 2 sheet masks, an eye mask and a lip mask! This lip mask was a savior for me. My lips were getting so dry with the winter and flying and this was PERFECT. The sheet mask made me feel like I had a little spa treatment. My skin was hydrated, clean, and plump.

Again, I'm extra. Sue me. I bring this little mini huidifier with me everywhere. I'm pretty sure you can bring it in your carry on too, which helps if you're traveling small. It's perfect for bringing to the east coast during winter. Your skin and body can't always immediately adjust to the climate and lack of humidity, therefore, this humidifier is perfect. You can also use these in the office or anywhere you just need humidity around your little area. You can fill it with a large mug. Keep your skin hydrated and youthful by not letting it dry out!!

Packing cubes are a lifesaver on trips. They help you organize your clothes and make it more compact. Save room when you pack and stay organized! These are amazing.

Some honorable mentions are a notebook (cuz why not), some snacks like fruit , almonds and carrots, tampons, my fave teas, hair tie and clip, a travel sized clothing steamer, and a lint roller.

Those are all of the things I bring with me when I travel! What do you bring with you when traveling? Let me know! Hopefully you enjoyed my list!

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