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How I Felt On My 1-Week Juice Cleanse

Hi there!

It's been forever since I've written a blog post!

If you're new here, welcome! + if you're a long-time subscriber, hi again :)

Before I go into the emotions of this cleanse, I want to explain a little bit about juice cleanses.

People were very confused about why I did it when I'm not trying to lose weight. Juice cleanses are not just for losing weight, they're also for detoxing the body of gross stuff that has built up. It's also for breaking cravings + habits of bad foods.

When you give your body juice, pure nutrients in it's purest to digest form, you are pushing out all the bad and giving your body EXACTLY what it needs to absorb. You're feeding it everything it needs and cleansing your cells. Think of it more as a detox than a diet.

When I started, I was also worried. I don't normally eat a lot, so I wasn't worried about being hungry as much as I was about losing weight. I was going to start on the juice cleanse while also eating solid meals at night. I didn't end up doing that.

Here's why: 1 week of juicing is like the bare minimum you can do to feel or see any true results and it's not very likely that you'll drop a bunch of weight ~ especially if you don't have it to drop. I decided it was a good time to see what I'm dependent on...and boy was it more than I thought. I felt the withdrawal from caffeine, salt, carbs, you name it.

The cleanse we followed was "Jason Vale - Super Juice Me"

I recommend watching the free documentary on Amazon about their 28-day cleanse.

We downloaded the app that was $4.99 for the 28-day cleanse + did a week, but there is a 7-day app you can download as well.

Let's get into the nitty gritty~

Day 1 ~ Monday

Day 1 was easy because there weren't many changes to my body. We just started juicing all our veggies + fruits and felt great besides maybe being a little hungry at night. I even ended the night with a HIIT workout - but felt a little drained afterward.

Day 2 ~ Tuesday

On our second day, I could feel the cravings hit and I woke up SO tired. Mild headaches occurred from lack of salt + caffeine. Lack of energy from putting way less in our bodies than we are used to. I did what I could for work, watched Freaky Friday, and took a nap in the afternoon. (which is very unlike me)

I read online that it's normal while going through the detox process to feel emotional, tired, and to take naps and do LIGHT exercise. So, I did.

Day 3 ~ Wednesday

This was the HARDEST day for me. The night before, I was tossing and turning, having nightmares, and waking up every hour. It wasn't because I was tired/hungry, it was because my toxins were flushing out of my body ~ my emotional toxins!!

When I woke up I looked online and read that, during a juice cleanse, it's normal to feel emotional because it's not only getting rid of toxins in your cells, it's also getting rid of built-up emotional toxins from stress! HOW CRAY. So, needless to say, I was a wreck on Day 3 and COULD NOT hang. I was just getting through the day and wanted to eat/have caffeine to lift my mood but knew I had to stick it out for my own mental health.

It really made me realize the relationship I had with food, alcohol + caffeine. They are 100% a crutch ~ a crutch that I love, but a crutch nonetheless. I did light Yoga on this day and felt okay by dinner.

Day 4 ~ Thursday

By Thursday, I felt fine. Day 4 was just a hungry + agitated day. I wanted to eat and I was OVER the cleanse. I honestly didn't think it would be this hard for me. My boyfriend was powering through it like a champ and I was a little baby with it.

I knew I had to be up early the next day for a hair appointment, so I ended up eating a light salad for dinner (so I didn't wake up like I was hit by a bus).

Yeah so ~ I CHEATED. But barely. I had a kale and romaine salad with a bunch of veggies that we'd normally juice. No meat. salt, dairy...nothing.

Day 5 ~ Friday

Easy peasy... I went to my hair appointment and ~ because I was distracted ~ had NO cravings and not a care in the world about the cleanse.

I figured out the secret ~ distraction. Find something to do with your day, so you are not focused on how hungry/tired you are, That is the secret...

Side note for CAFFEINE PEOPLE: Something that saved my life during this cleanse is MudWtr, a coffee alternative with 1/7th the caffeine of coffee. Mud gives you natural energy & focus without the jitters or crash. It's packed with adaptogenic mushroom compounds! Look them up for sure if you're doing a cleanse, to supplement coffee, or if you're thinking of replacing caffeine altogether.

Day 6 ~ Saturday

Light yoga + chillin'. We didn't do much this day and felt super balanced. However, I was OVER juices. I didn't want another juice in my body... I was tired of juices!!!!

I barely drank my 2 late in the day juices.

Day 7 ~ Sunday

We had a shoot day on Sunday and wanted energy ~ so we decided to have our morning juice, Mud Wtr, and cut the cleanse short by half a day. WE HAD A SANDWICH FOR LUNCH. BLESSINGS. I had a spiritual moment with a sandwich at lunchtime and was SO THANKFUL for my food. We were pretty sustained till bed time from that!


Would I recommend a week cleanse to a friend?

Yes. On day 3 I would've been like EFFF NO. But, after going through the entire week of it, it was empowering and eye-opening! You learn a lot about what you harbor + what you rely on. Food, alcohol, and caffeine are all substances I had been abusing throughout the holidays ~ without even realizing it!! I say it's worth it to just see what you need to cut back on, or if you just want a reset. My boyfriend lost a few pounds, so if you want to lose weight ~ I also recommend it for that!

What should you be prepared for during a cleanse?

Being tired, hungry, and letting out your emotions. It can be scary to do a cleanse with someone, but also helpful. I was cranky + emo with my boyfriend, BUT I couldn't have done it without him.

Be prepared to have those suppressed stresses come out + to take naps. You WILL put your body in shock. It will be hungry. Push through it + be grateful you're not doing the 28-day cleanse. (and if you are, more power to you!!)

Can you workout during it?

Yes. Though you won't feel like it, move your body with light workouts. You need to get all your toxins flowing. DRINK WATER TOO. You may feel like you're drowning in fluids but drink water anyways.

Can you have coffee or alcohol during it?

Just don't. They are toxins that your liver has to breakdown. Why walk in the house with dirty shoes WHILE you're cleaning the floors!? I challenge you to accept the uncomfortable and see if you can let it go! You will thank yourself after you're done. (and maybe try MudWtr to help your body adjust)

Anything else?

Just remember, whatever you think about on this cleanse ~ go through it and let it all go. Don't get too focused on all the bad and emo feelings. LET. IT. GO. Take this time to reflect on all the shi* you're feeling and treat it like a retreat for your mind + body. Evaluate all that you're feeling and let it all go.

Like I said previously ~ Distract yourself. Don't sit all day and let your mind focus on how hungry you are. Find things to do.

Would you ever do a cleanse? Have you done one? I'd love to hear about your experience!!

xo, Crystal


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