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Why I REALLY Started Working Out

Despite what you may think, I did not start working out to look fit, have more energy, or get muscles.

I wanted to write this post before I continued posting more workouts because there's a really good reason why I got into fitness in the first place.

I was a dancer growing up and loved it. As I got later into my high school years, I started being less and less active. The less active I became, the more my body could feel the effects of stopping dance or exercise all together. I went from being super active to not at all active.

I was always a pretty healthy eater and aware of what I put in my body.

Randomly, I started getting a numbness in my left lower/outer thigh. It felt like when your foot goes to sleep. I didn't think anything of it at first. Then, a few years ago, it spread to most of my outer thigh sciatic nerve. Now I was worried. I had gone for some x-rays of my back to see if it was a pulled muscle or something. I just kept getting told it was a pinched nerve and it was just going to be this way.

I tried going to the chiropractor and that just made the numbness continue through my butt and hip. (it lined it all up, maybe?)

I began sitting at a desk a lot for work and it only got worse. I would try to sleep at night and my whole thigh would be numb. I would stand for long hours and my thigh would go numb. It was super irritating and I would keep trying to stretch to get rid of it.

Finally, I started exercising little by little. At first, it only made the nerves and muscles tighten. It was super painful because, when I would get up from my desk to walk, it would feel like my tendon was stretching and going to snap in half. (eek!) I thought, "uh oh... I didn't make the right choice working out."

I decided to keep with it and strengthen my muscles. It seemed that physical activity was helping the numbness. The more I worked out, the better I felt. It would still get numb, but my stamina, energy, attitude, all improved! I started loving how I was feeling and looking and having something that I can do every night when I got home from work. I started getting stronger and my motion sickness lessened a lot! I was so surprised at all the benefits exercising had. (I know it seems obvious but I had no idea until I saw it for myself)

It became kind of an obsession. I knew that every single day I needed to come home and work out and master my moves.

I didn't know what I'd do in a gym and was intimidated by that whole process so I stayed away.

I started out with Daily Burn in my home, (a streaming workout app) and loved it. It helped me work on my form, my strength, and just get introduced to working out all together. I kept going until I felt my heart recovering at quick paces. I had so much more energy and positive thoughts. My exercise is where I'd escape my stress.

Then, a year of working out at home later, I decided it was time to join a gym. I got a free week at Basecamp Fitness and was obsessed. I knew way more than I thought I did! I had so much more strength than I even knew! It felt so good to be able to keep up with things I would've never been able to even do a year ago.

An instructor told me about sciatica and how to deal with the annoyance of it. Sciatica is pain radiating along the sciatic nerve, which runs down one or both legs from the lower back. It can be numb or tingly or actually painful. (that explained my numbness) I started to learn how to use a foam roller to help with the muscle being so tight and uncomfortable. (it's crazy how out of touch with your body you can become)

Now, I work out religiously and I never thought I'd be this into it! It feels like I have something to strive for every day. To get better and stronger.

Sometimes, in life, you feel like you don't hit very many goals often and you're just stuck doing the same thing with no pay off. Trust me, I get it. The solution to that is finding something you're passionate about and hitting those goals often. It really improves your mindset and everything else in your life begins to follow because one aspect in your life is thriving! You become more ambitious! (or at least I did)

Whether you're looking to work out, or become stronger, or just find your passion that helps you escape the stress of the day, I hope this helped you think about what you want to do to keep moving forward! I hope this inspired you a little to keep at what you love and set new goals. Working out is good for you, we all know. People preach daily. But, sometimes you need to find YOUR reason for working out. Not someone else's. What do you want out of it? Don't do it just because other people tell you it's good. Do you want to lose weight? Look better? Feel less tired throughout the day? Be able to stand on your feet for long periods of time without pain? Have something to do? TREAT depression? Exercising can do this! But, you have to want it.

Find a goal and reach it!! You got this!

Thanks so much for reading!

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