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My Top 5 LA Matcha Places

It's Matcha Monday!

Got your matcha ready? Well, if you don't now, you'll want one by the end of this post. ;)

And if you haven't made my matcha recipe at home, I suggest you do. (it's fantastic) If you're too lazy to make it, go to one of these places. I swear by their matcha and you will not be disappointed. Happy Matcha Monday!

1. Blackwood Coffee Bar

Making it from the coffee list to the matcha list. Am I biased because it's so close to my place? Probably. So, I posted about them in my "5 Favorite Coffee Shops in LA" post. They have amazing coffee. Well, they have amazing matcha too. Get it with oat milk or almond milk and you'll be delighted. How they manage to get their matcha so fluffy and tasty is beyond me. And they come in cute bowl mugs. They have the best matcha in my opinion.

2. Lifehouse Tonics & Elixirs

This place is the shiz. Sorry, I don't have a picture of their matcha. But, I don't go around taking pictures of every matcha I drink. (okay, let's be real... I do) This place has smoothies, tonics, and elixirs. They're matcha tastes like hot chocolate. It's so freaking good. I don't know what they do to it. All I know is they have a million good things in their drinks to heal your ailments. So, if you want a healthy and warm cozy feeling, this matcha is the one. However, don't think you're gonna come sit and eat and chill here. There is 1 total bench. Just 1.

3. Urth Cafe

Point me to a better place for sandwiches, flatbreads, salads, coffee, AND MATCHA. Yeah... didn't think so. Welcome to the organic oasis that is Urth Cafe. If you've never been... why have you never been? They will give you a matcha in a mug so big you won't know how to hold it. It's fluffy and creamy and yummy as hell. The view of melrose from this quaint spot is gorgeous and I love everything about being in this area. Grab a matcha, enjoy.

4. The Assembly

Shown to me by one of my besties, this place is cute and chill. They have good espresso and great matcha too! Chill outside on the patio or inside. It has an earthy vibe to it and is a great place to go work.

5. Alfred Tea Room

I mean... the queen of all tea places in my opinion. They take the cake on the shop itself. Their teas and their vibe gets a 100 in my book. However, their matcha is not my top pic from here. It's very very good- it's just a little bit more bitter than the ones I put up top. I talked about Alfred Coffee in my coffee post. It's another trendy coffee or tea place on melrose. This one is a pink palace. Super cute and girly. If you're looking for a perfect photo spot with your matcha... this is it.

Hope this makes you want to go out and grab a matcha. Because you should... it's Matcha Monday for crying out loud!

That's my list! Have you tried any of these places? Let me know!

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