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Anywhere Arm Workout

This is a no equipment/body weight workout that you can do anywhere! Yay!

I love body weight workouts, but I hate arm workouts. I was always a weakling in the arm area until I started to really push myself and do more pushups and strengthen my arms. I used to be so bad at push ups and now I'm a lot better! Just keep at it and you'll get better each time.

Follow my workout below to get toned strong arms!

5 moves

1 minute on/10 seconds off

4 rounds total

30 second rest between round

Move 1: Push Ups

Get in a plank position. Shoulders in line with your hands, feet together, body straight, and butt down. Bend your arms, lowering your body to the ground. Try to touch your chest to the floor. Push back up (breathe out) and straighten arms. Repeat as many reps as you can in a minute.

*Modification: Put your knees on the ground

Move 2: Tricep Dips

Grab a chair, box, step stool, edge of stairs, coffee table, bench, anything that's strong enough to hold your weight and not tip on the edge.

Sit on the floor in front of your object. place your hands behind you on the object, fingers facing forward, elbows straight. Straighten your legs in front of you so that your heels are supporting your lower half. Bend elbows, lowering your body weight down to the ground. Push back up. Repeat.

*Modification: Bend your knees, bringing your feet in towards your butt.

Move 3: Shoulder Taps

Hold your body in plank (same as the start of the push up position). Use a hand to tap the opposite shoulder. Repeat.

Move 4: Push Up Jacks

Start in the push up position. Jump hands and feet out AND into a pushup position. (this one's a challenge) Jump them back into plank. Repeat.

Modification: Push up step out. Instead of jumping, use one hand and leg at a time and step them both out on one side at a time like a half jack.

Move 5: Plank Extensions

Hold your body in plank. Slowly raise your left arm and right leg, extending everything as straight as you can. Lower them back into plank and switch sides.

*Modification: Rest on your knees.

Did you make it? Are your arms feelin' it? Let me know how you liked it!

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