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My 5 Favorite Coffee Shops in LA

One of the many things I love about LA is it's plethora of coffee shops. You could try one new one every day and it would still take you years to try them all.

Whether you're visiting LA or are trying to find some new spots to get coffee, I'm your gal.

Everyone always asks me for coffee shop reccomendations, so here they are!

Primarily, my fave coffee shops are in the West Hollywood area. But, I promise they're worth the trip if you live a little farther out.

(Plus, I put a couple valley options in there for ya ;) )

Coffee shops, to me, are an experience. They need the right ambiance and esthetic that makes you want to hang out there all day.

Plus, (of course) the coffee needs to be super tasty. Everything needs to come together into one amazing atmosphere.

I'm an espresso drinker. My drink of choice is a vanilla cappuccino. So, I'm basing this off of great cappuccino's, hip decor, and a relaxing vibe. (That being said, my boyfriend Derek is an avid coffee/cold brew drinker and he agrees with my list)

Let's begin!

1. Alfred Coffee on Melrose

Alfred Coffee has been my favorite for the past, like, year and a half. It's super trendy and the vibe is amazing. It's tucked away on a little side street off of Melrose, called "Melrose Place", hidden from the hustle and bustle of West Hollywood. (It's cross street is Alfred St. hence, Alfred Coffee) Their coffee would be number 2 on my list, but the ambiance is so good, it get's first place.

They have everything from your usual coffee and cold brew to super fancy $10 lattes with house made oat milk. They can get pretty busy on the weekends. It's one of those instagram worthy places. You can ask for the coffee to stay to get it in a mug, which is a nice touch. Free wifi too! As for food, they're mostly pastries and bagels. However, on weekend mornings they have breakfast burrito's that are pretty hefty.

Note: If you're parking, you CAN pay for a meter out front, OR you can park on one of the 2 side streets. BUT, be aware that one side of each street is permit parking only. If your back is to Alfred's, you can park on the left side of Croft Ave or the right side of Alfred St. (read the signs just to be sure)

Valley people, you're in luck! You can try their coffee in the comfort of your side of the hill. (lol) There's one in Studio City on Lankershim (but the Melrose one is better *cough*)

2. Verve Coffee Roasters

Verve has 2 locations in West Hollywood. If you want to chill and work in a peaceful and small environment, the 3rd street one is for you. If you want a fun happenin' vibe with outdoor seating, the melrose one is for you. They have uh-maze-zing coffee. Their cappuccino's are like fluffy clouds. They also have awesome nitro cold brew, yada yada. Their pastries are super unique! They have donut holes with a delicious cream filling, gourmet pop-tarts, and vegan donuts too! If you're really hungry, they have actual breakfast food like avocado toast with a poached egg that is out of this world. Vibe is always amazing and coffee is always superb.

3. Smith & Tait

This is one of those hidden gems that only locals know about. No one is coming here to take instagram pics. I just discovered this place like a week ago and have been obsessed. So obsessed that it made it to number 3 on my list!! Across from all the gay bars on Santa Monica Blvd, next to a men's fitness underwear store (and also around the corner from where I work out) , you'll find this little place with barely any seating and no parking on that street. So, why do I like it so much? Consistency. Their cappuccino's are BOMB. They're not lying when they say they have "damn fine coffee" and it's been damn fine every time I've had it. Quality is key here and they have it. Sure, it may not be Alfred's, but if you just want a cup of coffee and you're not trying to sit for an hour and have brunch, (especially cuz they only have pastries) this is your jam.

If you do drive here, there are meters everywhere or free parking for the first hour at Tender Greens. The parking around there is all permit so be careful.

4. Blackwood Coffee

Along Sunset Blvd, amidst the music stores and barre studios, you'll find another local gem called "Blackwood Coffee." As well as coffee and amazing food, they sell local art and products from local businesses. This is also a good place to come work because it's quiet and has free wifi in a window of hours. Oh, and did I mention, their croissants are THE BEST. Legit, the best croissants I've found. Ask for them heated up and you'll literally be in heaven. Their food is sooooo good. They have everything from vegetarian breakfast bowls to tacos and everything in between. I love their egg white and kale sandwich.

Unfortunately, there's like no parking on most days... but you can park on Gardner (a block away) for free and walk up.

5. Coffee Commissary

All you valley people, it's your time to shine. There is one of these on Fairfax in West Hollywood, but the valley one is just better. Their coffee and breakfast burrito's are something from God himself. Their egg and cheese sandwich is to die for. I LOVE their food. Now, if you go to the Fairfax one, you can only get food when their food truck is there. But, the Burbank one has parking in the back and food alllll the time. The one thing I will say I don't like about Coffee Commissary is they're always loud. Their acoustics suck so everything bounces off the walls. You can always sit outside though, if that bothers you.

Hope you enjoyed my list! Do you love coffee? Have you tried any of these places? Let me know!

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