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Being "Trendy" On A Budget

The seasons are changing... which means new styles and saying bye bye to your paycheck when you update that wardrobe to be fall appropriate. We all want to dress like a Kardashian on a Kmart budget.

It's always so difficult keeping up with the trends. They change so quickly... It's like, iPhone's. By the time you buy it, yours is old and they're on to the next thing. Not only is it expensive to update your wardrobe every season, it's also annoying. It's a never ending cycle.

Luckily, style always repeats itself. So, before you go throwing out things that make you think "what on earth was I thinking when I bought this? Was I drunk? I must have been drunk..." Give it a second chance. With a few little tweaks, it may be just what you need to complete an outfit.

So, get ready to pull your hardly worn clothes out of the deep dark black hole you call your closet and make new outfits with them.

Here are some tips to help you be trendy on a budget:

Tip 1: Basics Are Your Best Friend Basic pieces go with everything. (i.e. - Blazers, Jean Jackets, Booties, Cardigans, Bodysuits, etc.) You'd be surprised how much a blazer from Forever 21 will class up that old dress from 2015 that you never ended up wearing. If you have to purchase something, purchase a basic. They will last forever and they go with just about everything. For instance, here is the same basic dress styled 2 different ways:

(cardigan and vest are from high school but re-paired to make a new outfit)

Tip 2: Mix Seasonal Wear You don't have to go buying a million new t-shirts and jeans because the season changed. You can mix and match what you already have. If you have a t-shirt from summer, pair it with a blazer and throw on some jeans and booties. Voila! You've brought a piece from summer into fall.

Tip 3: Change Up Your Accessories When it comes to outfits, is it really all about the clothes? You can add a belt here or a statement necklace there and make an amazing outfit from an old one.

Tip 4: Steal Your Boyfriend's (or any boy's) Clothes You'd be surprised how many outfits you can make from male clothing. I bought a men's blazer from Forever 21 and it was the PERFECT over-sized blazer. Their t-shirts can also look great tucked into a skirt or jeans. Shhh... he'll never know!

Tip 5: Neutrals, Neutrals, Neutrals When you look at all of the Kardashian inspired outfits, what's one thing they all have in common?? NEUTRALS. (White, Black, Brown, Beige, etc.) They wear neutrals all the time. They're perfect for interchanging and matching again and again. No matter what season, neutrals always work. When you have a closet full of neutrals, it's hard to go wrong. You can wear the same black pants with a multitude of shirts and shoes and jackets. Add a pop of color here and there and it'll look like you've never worn it.

Tip 6: Repurpose Old Clothes One thing I love to do is find old shirts or jeans that I know I'll never wear again and make them into something new. I once took a pair of old black jeans and cut them all down the front to make them up to date. You can dye/bleach denim and different clothing to match the season. This is a fun DIY project that will really bring a new face to that weird colored shirt you never knew what to do with.

There you have it! You don't need to spend a million dollars to class up your outfits. Just piece it together.

Hope this helps you use things you were thinking of donating and helps you SAVE MONEY!

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