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Why Exercising is NOT Total BS (it's true! I swear!)

I was just like you. A skeptic. I would work out and feel no different/see no results. I didn't get why everyone was constantly pushing fitness. I mean, I get it. You want to look great and feel good and live a long time. But, I never personally had a weight issue and I never felt the need to workout. I knew I should, just out of principle. And, luckily, I always had pretty good eating habits. Except, I love fries... like with all my heart. And working out sucks. Plus, then I have to shower... that's like hours of my life I just lost.

When exercising is on the table, I automatically felt like I wasn't doing enough, or not doing it right... I was frustrated constantly that I could not do a push-up to save my life. Even when the fitness instructor would say to keep going, I physically could not. I still am no master at the push up.

But, after I set a plan and did it, I did actually feel good. Like, more energy after I work out/a more relaxed mood. My body craves it. My ability to handle stress is insane. I feel like I'm able to do anything now. Give me a task, I'll crush it. No joke. My mind feels clearer. Like my thoughts are more itemized (if that makes any sense)

The biggest thing working out did for me that I never ever planned on it doing was CURING MY MOTION SICKNESS. I kid you not. This was the solve all cure to my motion sickness. I was not able to function while flying (see post about how I beat my motion sickness) and after I started doing challenging workouts that strengthened my body and tested my mind, I was able to conquer the feeling that flying was overwhelming. It HELPS ANXIETY. I swear it. It makes your anxious problems less serious. It tells your mind that you can do it because you've conquered more than whatever this problem is. You're stronger than your mind tells you. But YOU HAVE TO STICK TO IT. It'll suck and you'll feel like it's too hard at first. However, once you stick to it and overcome those hard parts (aka tell your body to stop being a little bitch and do ittttt) then you'll feel amazing. You'll eventually be able to do 4 push-ups instead of 2 and then 5 and then 6. Maybe even a roll and stand on one leg!! What??!! You cray.

"So how the efffff do I start working out? Cuz, frankly, I don't want tooooo." I know. I know.

Some of us want to work out for different reasons. I had no reason... I literally just knew I should, and it brought benefits I never thought it could. Some of us want to lose weight, lower stress, look better... the list goes on. So ask yourself first, why? Then come to the realization that it's going to take work. Some people more than others. And again, I'm no fitness guru. I am in no way an expert or a super fit Instagram model selling you weight loss teas... I'm just an average chick that hated exercise but has come to love it and crave it.

First, let's start with how to get your ass up and workout. If I can do it, you can do it... trust me.


This is the biggest thing. I decided to start a fitness plan and stick to it to see if working out really would help. As I've said before, I had no goal to lose weight or to change my bodies image in any way. So, I was literally seeing if I felt any different.

I started trying random classes here and there. HIIT work outs, Yoga, Orange Theory... They were all great and challenging. But expensive. Plus I knew I would never get my butt to the gym to actually workout. Parking plus the horror of treadmills is enough to turn me off.

So I looked at my options. Either workout using no equipment at home following some random magazine or Pinterest page... jog outside (which I tried and hated)... or just don't work out.

I ended up trying out DailyBurn. Which I instantly loved. It's a streaming app that brings a trainer and lots of different classes into your living room. (or wherever) It challenges you if you challenge yourself. I didn't have to go to a gym, spend tons of money every month, or be embarrassed panting in front of strangers as I fail to do a push up 3 times...

I've heard it a million times. "You need to find a work out that you like doing." Yes, I know. But I never knew what that was... I hated running. Didn't like machines. So I was a fail of a gym body.

But I LOVE the HIIT workouts with DailyBurn Inferno. I know, I sound like an ad. But it's true. It's amazing.

Carve out a half hour or an hour of your day to do it and start a routine. Buy a couple of weights (I got 5lbs and 8lbs) and BOOM! You're there.

Find something you like doing. For real.

The only way to start is to start. You need to try different things to figure out what you like and don't like.

Running is good cardio and brings you outdoors. But I found it didn't yield that many toning benefits and you may not live in an area that is always good for running. (weather, creeps, roads, etc)

If you want to tone: Weights/bands and cardio is your best friend. You need cardio in general. It gets out all the toxins, builds the heart rate, helps you lose weight, and releases endorphins. The weights or bands bring resistance and strength. It'll bring that nice muscle tone to the body. (the one all the Instagram skinny tea models have lol) And obvii eating right... yay... that's a big one.

If you want to relax and slowly build strength: Yoga. Stretching and strengthening and breathing. That's where you're at.

If you want to challenge yourself and tone and lose weight: HIIT workouts or something of that nature.

(HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training) Long hard work (can be body weight or weights, usually a mixture) short breaks. Spiking that heart rate. This one's my favorite. Long work, short rest, shred the bod.

DO IT. I BELIEVE IN YOU. DO ANYTHING THAT CHALLENGES YOU. Walk down the street and start there. Just DO IT.

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