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DIY Harley Quinn And Joker Costume

It's Halloween! You know you have to have the best costume at the party... you want to be different, but you want people to know who you are, and you want to look realistic. But most importantly, no one can be wearing the same costume as you. Oh and you don't want to spend too much. I know, the struggle.... Let me tell you how I whipped up a Harley Quinn and Joker costume only a couple days before Halloween and blew everyone away.

I was Harley Quinn from the video game Arkham City:

Most store bought costumes were red and black... which you can clearly see, she wears more of a burgundy color in the game. So I decided to make it myself.


The Bra: A too small for me, hot pink, leftover, lace bra that I spray painted half burgundy, half black.

The Tank Top: Half of a burgundy tank top and half of a black. Both racerback from target. Sewed them together down the middle by hand. (I'm a G)

The Corset: A white velcro corset I bought on Amazon that, again, I spray painted burgundy. You'll find spray paint is your best friend when doing anything DIY.

Gloves: Pleather fingerless gloves I found on Amazon... and yepp, you guessed it; white and spray painted.

Arm Socks: Fishnet socks from Target I spray painted and cut.

Belt: Amazon

Leggings: Burgundy ones I got on Amazon, sewed half to a black pair.

For shoes I just wore flat black leather boots. I found the guns and choker at a prop store and BOOM, Harley.


The Jacket: A Tommy Hilfiger blazer from Ross that was beige for $30. We dyed it purple with the RIT dye.

Shirt: Yellow button up from Macy's along with the green bow tie.

Pants: Amazon purple skinny jeans

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