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You've Changed

Tell me why "you've changed" has always been seen as a negative statement.

In movies, you hear it again and again... "you've changed. who are you?"

I understand if someone has changed for the worse and you're looking out for them.

But, if you're expecting someone to go away and come back the same person, you're going to be disappointed... and frankly, maybe you should learn to change too.

Change isn't a bad thing. In fact, it's great!

You can't go through life expecting everything to stay the same...expecting YOU to stay the same. Everything and everyone changes. You need to too.

Change can be scary. But it's necessary. It's an integral part of life.

You should be changing (at least) yearly. You should take time to reflect often on where you were and where you are now.

Growth is change.

Though we may not see it, you are constantly growing. Through pain, through questioning things, through working hard, through happiness... every moment in our life is a chance for you to decide to grow or to avoid. If you choose to grow, you will become stronger than you were before. If you choose to avoid, you will grow at a slowwww rate. Growth is not something we can avoid. Even if it's happening slowly, it's happening. So, decide on growth.

If someone tells you you've changed, your reply should be "thank you."

Because honestly, it's a compliment. If I came back to CT from Los Angeles and someone told me I had changed, I'd be like "well, yeah..." I went through a huge move, live in a completely different city, and have done entirely different things with my life than I would've if I'd stayed.

I swear, I'm a different person every year. There are so many things I grow through that make me a better person from the previous year.

The question is, why do you assume they would stay the same?

Just because you may not like the change in the person, doesn't mean they don't like it for themselves.

People change at their own speeds, they also change for their own agendas. Your growth will look different than theirs and it will be for different objectives. Be patient and be understanding. No one can grow by force. Change happens within when people allow it to.

Do you think change is bad? Do you agree that people should be/are ever-changing?

xoxo, Crystal


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