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What I've Been Up To (April-June)

As requested, I wanted to let all of you know what I've been up to the last couple of months!

Let's start with the juggling of work and my blog.

It's been insane over here trying to do sponsored posts, get my instagram and blog off the ground, work my full time job, and find time to live my life.

If you weren't aware, I work in casting primarily for reality TV shows. It can be really fun and it can be really stressful. I've had both kinds of jobs recently. I'm 100% freelance. So, it can be super hard to balance everything. Not to mention, I get MAJOR anxiety when I don't have work coming up. When I am stressed out, I try to find the one or two things that are on the top of my "stress out list" and see how I can solve them.

I've been selling media kits on my Etsy and it's been a very good side hustle!! I didn't think it was going to sell and I made $150 in ONE month! A little pocket money for doing absolutely nothing... don't mind if I do.

One thing I've learned these past two months is, "Demand your worth!" I'm so used to accepting jobs with lower rates just to make sure I have work. Then I'm overworked and underpaid. And for my sanity and mental health, it's not great. I get really depressed, tired, and moody. I hate being treated like I'm a beginner and I "need" them when I have enough clout and experience to deserve my rate!!

I've began saying NO! No to things that don't give me my rate/aren't worth my time/are more stress than they're worth. Because frankly, LIFE IS SHORT. Don't spend it slaving away for someone that doesn't appreciate you.

I've always been a huge believer in doing EXACTLY what you want with your life. I am stubborn when it comes to my dreams and I don't take no for an answer. I think it's okay to be selfish when it has to do with your passion. Take time off of work, do the things you love, make time for yourself. You'll thank yourself later.

From being more positive, believing in myself, and demanding my worth, I've been getting SO many more opportunities. I've started to stress less and trust more. Trust that the universe (or God, whatever you believe in) will make it happen!!

I had the best boss I could ask for these past few months and it really put life into perspective for me.

End of last year to the beginning of this year was rough for me. I was in PANIC mode all the time. My job was roughhhh, my hours were demanding, my pay was low, my body was tired, my relationship was suffering because of me, I was questioning everything, and I was asking for everyone else's opinions but my own...

I had to literally take a night to myself where I just meditated (maybe cried a bit) and got my mind in a level place. I asked myself what I wanted in life, in my relationship, in work... I wrote it all down. I came to the conclusion that I am a total obsessor when it comes to pleasing other people. To the point of hurting myself. I was pleasing my boss, my friends, and left kind of nothing for my boyfriend. It was all too much at once. After taking some time to myself, I knew what I wanted in my heart and I was tired of looking for work all the time and stressing about what was coming next. I needed to believe and trust. I needed to demand my worth and stay positive and busy. I needed to not take for granted the time I have off from work. To use my time off wisely. Instead of whining that I'm broke or in need of work, I started making a side hustle, perfecting my blog, or doing things I don't normally have time for. It's crazy how eliminating negative people and negative thoughts in your life will just change the whole balance of energy you let in.

Keep good vibes and good people around you, always.

Derek and I just had our 8 year anniversary! We've been so so happy and are going to La Jolla for a getaway this July!

We are also looking to move out of our apartment sometime soon. It's gotten a little unbearable here the past year. If you haven't been up to date, we have a business that moved in next door about a year ago and they are just the worst. Trucks in and out every single day, loud banging, cars constantly outside our window, garbage everywhere... It's ridiculous. Time for a fresh start.

Something exciting might be coming up for me this summer. I don't want to say what it is yet because I don't know for sure if it's happening. But, as soon as I do know, I'll update you guys!

Plans for the coming future:

I want to write more blog posts. Maybe one about being in a long relationship and tips? I want to record more IGTV videos and vlog more! I would love to travel soon (which is part of the exciting thing I might get to do this summer). I have a lot of ideas and want to put them into action!

Continue to keep up with me on my stories and I'll try to keep you updated on what's happening in my life!

Thinking about sending a monthly newsletter about what I've been up to every month. Thoughts?

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