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Let's Talk Supplements

It's been a few weeks since I've put out a blog post! I've been crazy busy with work and life (who isn't!?). Balance is a hard thing to find sometimes. I often even forget to eat! Good thing I've been taking supplements daily to help make up for some of my missing nutrients.

While feeding your body is important and you can never replace the benefits of good/real food, supplements can be used to enhance your daily life or fill in some holes. For instance, I was told about collagen and had to give it a try. It isn't a vitamin or anything you'd take to be "healthy." It's an enhancement. It helps boost collagen production in your body to keep your hair skin and nails strong and youthful.

While that may not be a priority for all, I LOVE anything that has to do with beauty and making your skin look good... so bring it on!

One of my friends recently tried HUM Nutrition and told me about it. It's a supplement brand based on the values of beautifying ones self from the inside out. They have supplements specifically for having clearer, healthier, more hydrated skin. They also have supplements for hair and weight management. But, the skin supplements are what I was really interested in. If you could get rid of acne and make your skin look wonderful from just adding some natural supplements to your daily life, would you do it? (duh!)

Here are the supplements I take every day and the changes I have seen in my body since taking them!

HUM Nutrition:

Vegan gummy for skin hydration. Low molecular hyaluronic acid helps keep skin moisture locked into skin. Stimulates collagen production.

These tangerine flavored gummies are the perfect addition to your daily routine. They have Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid in them to keep your skin glowy and hydrated. Since I already take collagen, these are an extra boost to keep me radiant. Biggest difference for me has been the balance in my oil production. I don't notice my skin over producing oil because it's dry or drying out too much. It feels balanced 99% of the time.

Helps clear your skin & body from toxins. Cleanses your skin, liver, bowel, kidneys and lungs.

I started taking these and 100% noticed that my hormonal acne around my jawline and cheeks didn't come back. Even around my period, I barely had any flare ups. I'm OBSESSED. You take 2 capsules daily and there's a 30 day supply for only $25! You can order online or pick up a bottle at Sephora!

*I encourage you to check out their website to see all of the different supplements they have to offer. They have something for every concern and even have a mini quiz you can take that links you up with a professional that picks out which supplements would be right for you!


Improves hair, skin, nails, joints and ligaments, and tendon health.

I thought collagen was bogus for some amount of time, yet found myself constantly going back to it. My life felt somewhat better when I was taking collagen. Once I realized I wasn't just making it up and producing a placebo effect, I decided to really try it and pay attention to my skin. I noticed increased skin moisture, increased plumpness of my skin, my nails grew like CRAZY (if you follow my stories you've seen) within the first couple of weeks, plus they're strong as helllll, and my hair is long and hydrated. This stuff is no joke. If you're looking for something to make your nails and hair GROW, this is the answer.

You can get it on their website or at Whole Foods. They also have a bunch of options on their site as far as flavors and fun ways to take collagen including matcha form and coffee creamer.

*UPDATE: I recently ran out for a week and HAD to order more because my skin wasn't as clear and my skin texture was different!!!

The Perfect Women's Multi delivers a daily dose of 18 essential nutrients to help active ladies thrive and fill in the gaps when eating habits are less than perfect. (aka me)

I've been taking these vitamins for a while. I'm a firm supporter of these. I've noticed that when I don't take them, my nails don't grow as long, they're not as strong, my body has less energy. These taste so good too! Best gummy vitamins I've found. You can get them at Target, Whole Foods, and CVS.

There you have it! I hope you found this helpful :) If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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