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My Holiday Gift Guide (for her)

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the cozy happy warmth of it all. The Christmas trees, the hot cocoa, the Christmas movies! I've seen Elf and The Grinch more times than I can count and still can't wait to watch them again every year.Can you believe it's already December? This year has flown by.

As well as magical, the holidays can also be stressful. Everything get's so busy and crazy. With family parties and last minute deadlines, how do you have time to think of the perfect gift?! People are really hard to shop for. Luckily, I'm an excellent gift giver. (It's one of my many talents)

I've put together a gift guide of some of my favorite things (or things I would want, hint hint) that I think everyone will enjoy.

From a girlboss to a yogi, you'll find a little something for everyone.

Hopefully this saves you some time in the hustle and bustle of the holidays! Happy shopping!

The Yogi

Of course, every yogi needs a yoga mat. I love this one because it's anti-slip, super durable, and cushiony.

My fave leggings by far. They're super comfy, fit heavenly, and wick away sweat.

The perfect gift, not only for a yogi. These roll-ons ease your head, pain, cough, stomach and stress.

The Beauty Guru

These gift sets are perfect for someone who loves to try new products. They're a great price ($35 each!) and you get a lot of bang for your buck! You can choose from different ones like the "Glow & Go Set", "Fresh Start Set", or "Hydrator Set" depending on what type of skin you have.

Ready for a beautiful sleep? You'd think a pillowcase would be a lame gift. Not this one! This is a silk pillowcase that helps your hair and skin stay hydrated and helps prevent wrinkles! A must-have for a sleeping beauty.

Get strong hair, skin and nails with a deliciously subtle blend of bovine hide collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, probiotics, organic lemon, organic lavender, organic blueberry, and organic beet. Beauty from the inside out!

The Traveler

My go-to bag for weekend getaways. This canvas tote is the perfect size, full of pockets, and can slide onto your suitcase. It even has an extra bottom compartment for shoes or whatever you want to put in there!

By far my favorite headphones I've ever owned. The noise cancelling is insane with these. Turn them on and block out all of the plane noises. I also use them when we're descending because they help the pressure around my ears. (I'm usually really sensitive to that)

Pamper yourself while you fly! This kit includes a FlashMasque Hydrate, FlashMasque Illuminate, FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels, and Flash Patch Hydrating Lip Gel. The air in planes is so drying to the skin. Keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and hydrated!

I'm a sucker for a good night sleep. I love this eye mask because no matter where I go I can guarantee I'll sleep through sunrise. Depending on where you're staying, there may be an excess amount of light in your room, which can make you wake up super early. These block the light and are a cupped shape so that they don't press on your eyelids while you sleep.

When you travel a lot and want to guarantee you'll have caffeine, matcha packets are the way to go. They're so easy to take with you and make a quick latte when you need a pick me up.

The Environmentalist

Reusable straws are the newest environmental rage. For anyone into saving the environment, this is a great gift! No more waste.

Idk about you, but I'm tired of buying packs of cotton rounds that I use once and throw away. Get reusable, washable, eco friendly cotton rounds! Save money, save the earth!

You know you're close when you can buy them a bidet and they won't think you're crazy. This is my favorite purchase ever. Save money on toilet paper and waste less! This is the cleanest and most eco friendly way to clean your tush! (lol) I'm OBSESSED with mine. AND it's affordable! They start at $69! You'll thank me later.

Making it twice on my list, this brand is incredible. They make such functional and beautiful items. This tote is the perfect blend of both! Ideal for the girlboss on the go that carries her office everywhere! Now she can look stylish while doing it!

My new favorite accessory! Not only are these super cute, they're also super helpful! They block the harmful blue lights coming from our laptops, phones, and TV's! These have SAVED my eyes lately. Working on the computer all day can make my eyes feel tired and in pain. These alleviate a lot of the stress put on them. I even drive home with them on at the end of the day!

Don't get me wrong, I love my Apple Watch. But, it's hard to look fashionable or discreet with a whole computer on your wrist. Sometimes it just doesn't look good with my outfit. (sorry Apple) Ringly is the newest in fashionable tech! They make beautiful rings and bracelets that track your workouts and alert you when you have notifications! No bulky hardware or screens. Look great and stay connected!

Stop hunching over at your desk all the time. Help get rid of back and neck pain by improving your posture. This stand will make it so that you look at your laptop at eye level.

Did you find some of these helpful? Maybe a few things you'll add to your list? (I know I did) Don't get too stressed out this holiday season. Remember, it's the perfect time to kick back with friends and fam. I'm sure whoever you're shopping for will love anything you get them. Happy Holidays!

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