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Fall Favorites #2

It's that time of year again! Time to get rid of your summer skincare and bring out the fall/winter routines.

My favorite thing ever, lately, has been oils. I want to lather my face in oils all day long. I hope to look like a 13 year old child for the rest of my life and never age... I mean, that's the goal right?

Now, we all know how obsessed I am with Cocokind Skincare but, I wanted to share what other products I love this season and how I use them!

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

This made it from summer faves to fall faves. It's the best best best. Step 1 of my morning or night routine has been this face cleanser. It's amazing at taking off makeup and cleaning really well. It's sudsy, creamy, unscented and doesn't strip your face.

The BFF (Best Face Friend) from Holistic Beauties

My new favorite face brush. I loved my Clarisonic for so long, but this one is so much easier to use and it's more hygienic.

The benefits of this brush are:

It's silicone, which doesn't harbor bacteria

You don't have to change brush heads, which saves you money

It lasts so long on one charge

It's small and easy to store

It dries quickly so you can put it right back where you found it after you're done

Plus, it's amazing at cleaning all the gunk off your face

Highly recommend this!!

Cocokind Raspberry Vinegar Toner

I've been using the wrong toners for my face and never realized it. I started realizing that I had combination skin instead of normal to dry. It changes with the weather and with hormones. So, when my skin is more prone to breakouts and more oily, I use this toner. I spray a few sprays on a cotton pad and wipe it on the areas I get most oily. My hairline, jawline, forehead, and random breakout spots. This has been amazing for clearing my skin.

Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Toner

Yes, I use 2 toners in my every day skin regimen... This is the toner I mix with my chia oil. It's perfect for hydrating when you have oilier skin. It doesn't over hydrate, it helps control excess oil and breakouts, and it's a wonderful thinner for my oil. I do a few drops of this and then a few of the oil and warm it up in my hands.

Cocokind Chia Seed Oil

This oil is amazing. Omega 3's, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Infused with chamomile flowers to calm the skin. It's lightweight and feels so good at the end of the day to just lather in it. I mix it with my Kiehl's toner to get a thinner consistency.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

Saved the best for last. This stuff is pure magic. If the 7,000 Google reviews don't convince you to buy it, let me. It literally makes your skin perfect. Clears my breakouts, dark spots, acne scars, evens skin tone, brighter complexion.... magic. It's around $75 for the bottle at Sephora, which is a bit pricy. But, it is worth it!!! I put this on after my oil and just let it soak in over night and work it's magic.

Alrighty. I've been taking so long to put out blog posts lately. Hopefully you liked this one! If you need any product recommendations or have any questions for me, feel free to send me a DM! Let me know what products you're in love with this fall.

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