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Buh Bye, Body Acne!

Yes Yes Yes! Finallyyyyy. After I started working out, I was constantly fighting the battle of body acne... Wtf are you?! Why do I need to have you on my body as well? IS MY FACE NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU!?

Sometimes body acne can be really embarrassing and make you feel super insecure about wearing things that show those areas. I never ever used to have body acne. So, once it started, I was so annoyed and embarrassed about it.

After trying a bunch of different combos of things, I FINALLY found what works for me. And now, I will share it with you lovely people.

First off, if you're working out, you need to shower like immediately after you're done. That is rule number one.

Here are the exact products I use to help dry up acne and keep it away.

Alba Botanica Acnedote, Face and Body Scrub

This is amazing for body acne. Use it in the shower obvi. It has salicylic acid in it which will help dry up all your acne and help stop new ones from coming. It smells so good and suds' up super nice.

Cocokind Raspberry Vinegar Toner

GAME CHANGER. I'm not even kidding, this is the reason my acne has cleared. After you get out of the shower, spray this all over your chest and back and rub it in. This will clear your acne within a couple days... like, legit. It's my favorite thing in the world. You'll smell like apple cider vinegar, but... get over it (it's only for a minute). It's worth it. Also amazing; if you don't have time to shower after you workout, spray this and rub it with a cotton pad. It'll clean all your sweat bacteria (ick) and help you out.

Aloe Vera

Any aloe. I felt like my chest was getting a bit dry but I couldn't put lotion or oil on it otherwise I'd feel it build up and break out again. Aloe is the perfect moisturizer. It's natural and super light weight. Plus, it's meant to help irritation.

When you feel little bumps build up, rub them with a towel to exfoliate them off and then spray with toner.

If you struggle with body acne, don't feel embarrassed. Everyone has their imperfections and insecurities. It's all part of life. Hopefully this helps so you can live freely again! (lol) Let me know if I've helped you at all! I'd love to hear a testimony :)

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