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My Secret to Getting Rid of Acne Fast

We all have our secrets to fighting acne. Whether it's our favorite products or our weird go-to methods.

It's the worst to have a pimple coming and you can feel it creeping up. Or to have one that just won't go away. Even worse, an acne scar after you've been squeezing at it. And then your skin is all dry after using spot treatments. Ugh!

Acne is the friggin worst, I know. But, there are some secret tips I have to getting rid of it fast without over-drying your skin!

In this post, I'm going to tell you the 3 different ways I make my acne disappear. It will be organized based on intensity of the pimple. (lol)

My Secret Weapon

The product that I have found to be the best at fighting acne is lavender oil. I'm OBSESSED with this stuff. A friend had me put it on my pimple a couple years back and I've been addicted ever since. You just put a little on the area and go to sleep. It dries out the pimple and heals it quicker. It also helps with acne scars. I had to get used to the strong smell at first but now it's almost soothing. I got this stuff at Target but you can get it anywhere pretty much. Just make sure it's organic and safe for the skin.

This method is great for any size or timing of pimple.

ie: "I feel one coming!" or "It's a meteor on my face!" or "I just popped it and now it's coming for revenge."

A Little Add On

Something I like to do when there's a really sore pimple or one that I popped and I need to heal up quick is add antibiotic ointment over the lavender oil. It traps it underneath and helps heal the skin quickly while keeping it moisturized. Just oil it and dab a little on top of the pimple. This works AMAZING for when you squeezed to much or it's just a hefty one that needs extra attention. Also great for healing acne scars.

S.O.S Call A SWAT Team

This is an emergency pimple treatment for when you need to heal super fast or you have a giant one that you know will fight back. I like to do this if I've squeezed a lot and made it scar or inflamed and angry. Put the lavender oil on the pimple and then the antibiotic ointment. THEN put a bandaid over it and get some sleep. It'll shrink sizes over night and heal so much faster. I've done this for 3 nights in a row to really make it disappear. Hasn't failed me yet. I specifically have those little square bandaids solely for pimples.

What do you think of my tips? Have you tried any of these methods? Let me know your super crazy acne fighting methods!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have an amazing skin day! (haha)

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