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5 Steps To Positivity

It's hard to always be positive. I'm super positive most of the time and I still have my days where I just can't seem to shake the negatives.

If you're having one of those days, just in a funk, or need a way to be more positive all together, hopefully this can help!

There are simple steps you can take every day to make your life and your outlook more positive. You just need to rewire your brain a little and catch yourself when negative thoughts pop up.


This is the hardest and most important step, in my opinion. Whether it's others or yourself, judgement is HARD to shake. I know it. When you look at someone who's dirty, or homeless, or overweight, or strange, or whatever it is, do you judge them? Is it hard to NOT think negative thoughts sometimes? Sure. BUT, there are ways to catch yourself and stop judging. How about yourself? Do you compare yourself to others? Are you a little too hard on yourself about certain things? We all are at times. I get it, believe me.

Step 1 is eliminating that thought that pops in your head when you want to judge someone. Instead, replace it with something positive.

For example, say there's a woman in a store giving the sales person a hard time because they don't have something in her size. Instead of thinking: "Wow, that woman is so loud and angry at the world." Try replacing it with: "I'm glad she knows what she wants and speaks her mind to get it, she could be a little bit nicer, but maybe she's working on it."

I know, it's a stretch sometimes... And things aren't always able to be replaced. Some people are just straight up nasty, but you just need to think, "they could be having a tough day." You never know what's going on in someone else's life.

My point: STOP JUDGING. We all do it, and it's hard to stop. But, try to replace it as much as you can and you'll notice there will start to be more positives to be thought than negatives.

Step 2: Compliment Out Loud

This may feel weird at first. But, for years this has been my favorite thing to do ever. I'm "that girl" that compliments everyone's outfit, shirt, eyes, shoes, etc. Random strangers I don't even know. The feeling you get when you see someone receive a compliment and get that extra pep in their step is like a surge of energy to your soul. LOL. Like, you did that. YOU made their day. Or at least added POSITIVITY to it! So, always compliment out loud. If you like something, say it! Give love, get love. Some people might think you're a weirdo and give you a look or something, but they can suck it. And you know what?! You can compliment your DAMN SELF too! Show yourself a little love and tell yourself something you love about yourself today. My skin is glowing!! I picked out a good outfit! Speak positives.

Step 3: Smile Often

In the words of Buddy The Elf, "I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite!" I know, I'm getting more cheesy and eye roll worthy with every step. But, you know what? It works! So, shush! I've always been a smiler. My mom is and so am I. We smile more often than we should and sometimes it makes us too approachable. "Resting Bitch Face" has never been my strong suit. (thank god I didn't move to New York, I'd die) Studies show, that if you do things with a smile, your mind will perceive it as more enjoyable. You can actually trick your brain into thinking it's happy! Crazy right? Try smiling for 10 seconds when you're in a bad mood and see if it lifts your spirit a bit. Or my favorite, when you workout. Your endorphins kick in when you smile and your brain thinks you're having a good time. Sure, you may look like a psychopath... But, you're just on your road to positivity. Smiling at others is also a good one. You're changing your mood and others moods too! It's super easy to exchange a smile and takes 0 effort or time. It takes more muscles to frown than smile. I promise, it works.

Step 4: Apply APF 1000 (attitude protection factor)

Say this with me, "other people's attitudes are out of my control and I won't let them affect me." There's always that bad apple that wants to rain on everyone's parade. People can't always be perfect and everyone has bad days. Don't let it affect yours! Just because they're mad at whatever, doesn't mean you have to let it get to you. Sure, they might give you an attitude or be rude. Shrug it off and move on. Smile at them, compliment them, try to change their day for the better. If they don't want your positivity, TOO BAD. They can pity party all by themselves.

Step 5: Implementing The Art of "Not Giving A F***"

This one is hard for me sometimes because I care too much about everything. I let people's comments get to me, I cut someone off and I still think about it later... it happens. Not caring is important to your mental health. Obviously care about people and be nice and all that junk. But, don't sweat the small stuff. Some stuff is out of your control and accidents happen. Just take a breath and carry on.

There you have it! 5 Steps To Positivity! I hope you have a great day, and that your hair looks amazing, and you're feelin' yourself, and no one get's in your way. Go out there and spread some positivity!

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