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Make Your Manicure Last

In this post, I'll uncover all my secrets to a long lasting manicure!

Usually, my nails chip within a week of getting a regular manicure. I never want to get gels or acrylics because they damage your nails.

So, I needed to find the right solution for me. And now, I pass my wisdom on to you lucky readers 😉

How to make your manicure last:


Not talking about the coat. Talking about the strength and integrity of your nails.

If you don't have strong nails, your manicure won't last.

To get strong nails TAKE YOUR VITAMINS. I take the OLLY Women's Multi Vitamin and I do a scoop of collagen into my tea every day. That makes sure my nails grow healthy and strong. Also, making sure you're eating healthy veggies and fats helps.


You need one that's gonna last through everything. I've found my favorite polish that literally lasted through me repotting plants...

Essie Gel Couture is a 2 step at home gel polish without no UV light needed.

I've tried a million different "gel like" polishes and always found them to be clumpy or sticky. Not this one! It applies thin, like any regular nail polish. It's buildable to your desired thickness or darkness of color. And the best part is, you only need 2 things: the polish and the top coat.

No need for a base coat or anything else. I used the color "Inside Scoop" in the photo above. What I like about this polish is that you can put multiple coats on and it doesn't get goopy or sticky, it dries fast, and it lasts about 2 weeks if you really take care of it.


Application is very important. If you're doing your own nails, you want to make sure you don't get paint on your cuticles or off of the nail to prevent lifting later.

Now let's move onto taking care of your manicure!

Water Temperature

One thing that wears your manicure is hot water.

When you wash your hands, try to keep the water warm or lukewarm. Hot water softens the polish and your nails causing them to be weaker and the polish to soften and fold at the edges.


ALWAYS wear rubber gloves when washing the dishes. This will save your nails big time.


When you feel like your nail edge is chipping or getting scuffed, file it LIGHTLY to smooth it down and prevent lifting. Just take the file and go over it in the same direction a few times. Emphasis on the lightly. You're not trying to scratch off your whole manicure. Just buff the roughness.


I like to apply either the color or the clear coat to chips on the corners of my nails. If I feel like a nail is so chipped I can't save it, I take the polish off and reapply that nail.

Don't Pick It

In the midst of writing this post, taking a break, and coming back, I've picked off my entire index finger's polish... so, I know it's not easy. JUST DON'T. Keep your hands busy doing something else. Anything other than picking at it.

And a no brainer, be gentle. Nothing can stop you from living life, but you at least need to put some effort in to keep those nails intact.

Now, go do your nails! And let me know if any of these tips helped!

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