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Get Ready With Me

Anyone else have trouble getting out of bed in the morning?

Here's my quick and easy morning routine. What I do every morning before work. It's suuuuuper simple and I'll also show you some of my favorite new and old products! Most of these you can find at Sephora or Ulta!

Let's get started!

Cleanser: First Aid Beauty - Pure Skin Face Cleanser

This is a new favorite of mine. It's a creamy cleanser that takes all the makeup off super gently. It's really soft and your face feels clean afterwards but also hydrated. My sink can be a little dry in the morning and sometimes needs a little extra hydration boost. So, this is perfect. It creates a good amount of suds without being soapy. Got it in my Ipsy bag. Would purchase full size!

Toner: Lush - Eau Roma Water

Ol' Faithful. I've been using this toner for a few years now and, needless to say, I am in love with it. It's so refreshing and cleansing. It is the perfect addition to my skincare routine and it helps your moisturizer spread better. I also use it in the middle of the day to refresh my skin.

Face Oil: Mitchell and Peach - Fine Radiance Face Oil

I've only been using this for about a year or so, but it's a staple in my daily routine. I've mentioned it in a previous post. The improvements in my skin have been awesome! It's evened out my skin tone, taken down redness, reduced breakouts, helped with hydration and glowiness of my skin. I use it alone and under moisturizers.

Lotion: St. Tropez - Gradual Tan Plus Luminous Veil

This St. Tropez lotion is every pale girl trying to be tan's dream. I've been out of the sun more lately because of office working and it's been really showing on my skin. Especially my face. I wanted something that was subtle but also gives a bronzy glow. It's a bit thick but not too heavy. It's not light weight and does NOT feel like a water moisturizer. It feels like a cream. So, oily people might not like it. But, as a dry skinned person, it's good. It smooths out really well before makeup too. Almost like a primer. I started out using this daily and, now that I'm at my desired tone, I apply every other or every couple of days. I've mentioned more about this in my Fall Favorites post.

Dry Shampoo: Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

I posted about this in my Fall Favorites post. To update, I got the full size. It was definitely worth the repurchase. I've tried Batiste and Living Proof. I liked Batiste the best, until I tried this one. It goes on clear and makes my hair so soft. It's super light and smells so good. I really feel like I just washed my hair. You should absolutely try this if you're in the market for a good dry shampoo.

Bronzer: Estee Lauder - Bronze Goddess

I have been using this bronzer since the dawn of time. It is my FAVORITE makeup item in the whole world. I've literally been using this bronzer for like 7 years. It makes any skin tone the perfect tan. I've tried it on a number of my friends from porcelain to tan and it is amazing. They also sell them in different undertones. I get a yellow undertone. This is the bronzer to beat in my eyes because it's matte, NO SPARKLES, not powdery, not too pigmented... it's perfect. AND it comes in a giant tortoise shell compact. Lasts me over a year using it every day, I kid you not.

Blush: Benefit - GALifornia (sunny golden pink blusher)

I have a hard time finding the perfect blush to use all year long. I want it to be hot pink/corally. To go with when I'm tan or pale. But, I do NOT want sparkles or shimmer in it at all. I want it to look natural and just give a glowy look. I purchased this in February of last year and was skeptical about buying it because it has a shimmer like glow to it. However, once you put it on, it's the perfect glowy/pink/coral blush. It smells amazing and goes on so nicely. Fave for sure. Wear it daily.

Mascara: MAC - In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash

I just got this in my last Ipsy bag and I am OBSESSED. I have been using Maybelline - Falsies mascara since I came out of the womb and always swore that was my go-to.... Until now! This is amazing. Not too black, the brush separates my lashes beautifully and it's buildable! I usually have a hard time with straight wands because I get it all over the place. This one was the perfect size. AND absolutely NO clumping. I think I'm in love. When they let mascaras and humans be together, I'll be the first to propose. (ok I'll calm it down...but for real)

And that's it! My morning routine is super simple. I don't like a lot of makeup because I tend to touch my face a lot while I'm working and it makes my face break out and get more oily throughout the day. I keep it light and simple. Not to mention, I don't have time to put a whole face on in the morning.

What're your favorite "morning products?" Have you used any of these? Do you have any other recommendations for me?

Let me know!

As always, Thanks for reading!

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