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Frank Body Sweet Cheeks Kit Review

Does it live up to all the Instagram hype?

Frank Body is an Australian, coffee based, natural skincare line. You may know them by their ever-growing light pink Instagram @frank_bod; filled with endless pictures of girls with perfect skin rubbing coffee grounds on their faces.

They started with a regular coffee scrub and blew up to a full-blown skin care line.

So, let’s get to it. Are you going to glow like an Aussie fresh out of a sauna after you use it?

Short answer, no.

Let me break down what the kit was like for me.

🌸 Creamy Face Cleanser: I really liked this. It's light and sheer. It’s a silver color, which is cool. It doesn't suds up and doesn't pair very well with my Clarisonic because it doesn’t lather. However, I like that it's a gentle clean. It does not dry out your skin and it's packed with lots of good stuff to make your skin heal itself and even skin tone. It takes off most of my non-waterproof makeup pretty well. I like it as a daily cleanser but wouldn't rave about it.

🌸 Creamy Face Scrub: It is creamy indeed. It has coffee grounds in it that exfoliate your skin with a creaminess to go with it. I wouldn't say it's "gentle", I would say the coffee grounds are coarse but they don't scratch or irritate. It's not a fine scrub. It does wonders though. Sloughs all the dead skin away, plumps up the skin, makes your skin soooo soft. I use it 2/3 times a week. I love it and would repurchase. However, I also feel like you could make a similar scrub with coffee grounds.

🌸 Everyday Face Moisturizer: I have a love-hate with this. It smells great, it's light and creamy. Not too much moisture, not too little. A little goes a long way and it's packed with Vitamin E and coconut oil and all these goodies that really help your skin with tone, aging, scars, etc. I like the texture on the face and that it leaves my skin breathable. Cons: it's SO runny. Like SUPER runny. I tip the bottle and a bunch just falls out. Too much. I was disappointed with the fact that I had to be super careful with it and I could not even barely tip it. So while I like the lotion, is not worth the repurchase for me because I waste half of it just pouring it out.

All in all, they have pretty good products and it's not super expensive. They have great customer service and their marketing is spot on.

Have you tried Frankbod? What did you think?

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