Talking To Earthlings | Full Brand Development

Talking to Earthlings is a web-series with one simple mission: To bring humanism back to society. With so much polarity happening in the world right now, so much negativity, and so much hardship, it's important that we all remember one simple truth: We are all just inhabitants of this earth.

The creator and host Kyle Jordan McAuley aka Lunakye has the ability to connect with people on a human to human level deeper than most can. He created TTE in an effort to let his ego down, while allowing others to find their voice. 

Mood Board

Web Design

When making the TTE website, I went with a cool, minimalist, modern approach. Their color scheme and font choice were bold and bright but also neat. 

Social Media

A mixture of royalty free and curated images were used for the instagram to make it feel more custom and thought out, keeping the blue, gray, and black tones throughout.


Keeping the theme from the website and Instagram, I made flyers for TTE's launch party and various other graphics for social promotion. I customized each flyer and made them compatible for all platforms.