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Subscriptions worth Subscribing to

Okay... so we're all stuck in the house. What better time to start signing up for some products that come straight to your door. I've been wanting to write this post and, since not being able to go out, I figured why not write it now.

There's SO many subscription services now. You can get pretty much anything shipped to your home. Whether it's shaving products, beauty products, makeup, or even food!

I am so so grateful that we live in an era that we can have everything we need at the tap of a button.

So, without further adieu, here are subscription services actually worth subscribing to.


An organic tampon brand! I've been subscribed for a couple years and LOVE their products. I even buy their condoms, which I recommend to anyone and everyone. Not only are they an awesome product, they care about the environment! You can customize each box and change it at any time depending on how many light, regular, or super tampons you need! Love that feature. Only $11 a month or I do every other month and usually skip months.

You've heard me talk about it a lot. But, that's because it's amazing! Customized to your skin for your problem areas. Just do it! You won't be sorry. It's $50 every 2 months for 3 products.

Razors that have a disposable head. The refills come every 3 months for me. I wouldn't have ever thought of subscribing to a razor but now that I have, I am so glad I did. To not have to think about buying them, actually being good quality, and only being $9 a month...why would you give it a second thought!?

Buy all of your cleaning products, laundry needs, beauty products, reusable baggies, etc. Straight to your door. This brand is THE best. The customer service is unbeatable. I always get a personal thank you note when I order. They care about the environment!! They offer products that are gentler on the earth, prioritize post-consumer materials for packaging, carbon offset every shipment that goes out their door, and are planting trees across the US. So many reasons to pick them!

Healthy food for all! Made of real ingredients, safe for the environment, fairly priced, created for your needs, and delicious. Nontoxic, eco-friendly, affordable, and effective. These are all such important things I look for when I'm grocery shopping. They have SO MANY healthy snacks! Get whatever you need shipped straight to your door for $59 a year!! The best part: For every paid membership, they donate one to a family in need as part of their mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone.

2 workout apps that have helped me in the past! I used Daily Burn for an entire year to start getting fit before I went to my gym. It's so helpful to have the workout explained and shown to you! Luckily, right now, there are soooo many gyms doing free live workouts. But, for future reference, these are amazing!

We get all of our pet supplies shipped to us. Super convenient. We get litter, food, treats, you name it.

(Obviously Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. Those are a given. Wanted to include companies that are amazing, saving the planet, and/or have a physical product!)

And of course, stay inside, stay safe, and be proactive in this difficult time! No one is perfect. We're all doing what we can during this pandemic. Hopefully these will help you out!

Love you all and reach out if you need anything!

xoxo, Crystal


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