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Holiday Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List

We made it to December! This year flew by. With the holiday's being right around the corner, I wanted to share some of mine and Derek's favorite things you can buy as a gift (or ask for) this season! Whether you're shopping for your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, coworker, mom, dad, or anyone else in your life, hopefully this helps you find something they'll LOVE!!



1. Shop Au Courant has any jewelry you'd need for her! Hoops, stacker rings, and chain necklace any lady would love!! I buy all my jewelry from here. Not only is it fab, it holds up!!

2. What human doesn't want Silk Pajamas?! These are on my wishlist.

3. The Loandsons Waverley Bag is my favorite item I've ever owned. It's held up for 2 years and it's so versatile!

4. New fave workout outfit is from Victoria's Secret. Here's the leggings and the sports bra. SO form fitting and great quality!

5. The Dolls Kill Horoscope Beanie is the perfect low-cost gift for your gal pals. Know anyone that loves horoscopes? This is perf for them.

6. Airforce 1’s are my new obsession. Where them anytime with any outfit. They're selling out everywhere!!

7. Faux Fendi Headband. Need I say more? Get the designer look on the cheap!

8. Charging Cable Bracelet... why did I not think of this?? The best gift ever.

9. These JBL Noise Canceling Headphones were on last years guide. But, they've changed my life so...

10. I got this Tile Tracker for my bestie that loses everything. Find your keys from your phone and your phone from your keys!


1. Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder. I have one for each of my cats so they don't eat each others food. It's a godsend.

2. This Royal Hotel's Alternative Down Comforter is so cozy and hypoallergenic. Good price too! It's on my bed currently.

3. The Dyson Cordless Vacuum is the perfect gift for people who like to clean or clean up quickly! I use this daily. Just grab and clean!

4. We all know I love The Tushy Bidet. It is magical. The perfect gift for anyone who wants a clean tushy ;)

5. This little Juicer fits so well on small countertops and is easier to use than the giant juicers.

6. LOVE this Humidifier. I recently got it for the winter time and it's so easy to use and take care of.

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