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Feel Better

Oh, freaking, no. It's flu season. It's that change of season that really gets everyone sniffling.

I always thought, because we're in LA and have 2 seasons that allergies and colds didn't really exist. I was wrong...

I get a cold right around the season change every year. It's a wonderful little fever, followed by a stuffy nose and cough. It's slowed down my productivity for the month for sure! Luckily, I can usually fight off colds super fast.

Here are my secret weapons!


Take echinacea supplements daily. I swear by it. You'll see a huge difference in the life of your cold. If I even feel a tickle in my throat, I'll pop one of these and it saves me every time. Obsessed with this stuff and will always have it in the house.

Vitamin C

I take 1000mg of vitamin C when I feel a cold coming (or when I have one) and it helps a ton. I have a giant bottle of vitamin C pills just for such occasions.

Immunity Shots

Whether it's prepackaged or juiced from a juice bar, wellness or immunity shots are my jam for cold and flu season. They have all kinds of goodies like ginger, turmeric, wheatgrass and more to fight all your germs. Easy to grab and take on the go.

Traditional Medicines Throat Coat Tea

This tea will do wonders for a sore throat. It has slippery elm bark to soothe scratchy throats. They even have one with a boost of echinacea! It has no caffeine, so you can drink it all day long if you want to.

Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

Staying hydrated is super important. I'm usually not a fan of coconut water. But, this stuff tastes amazing. It's such a life saver if you have or had a fever and are in need of replenishing electrolytes. If you haven't tried this kind of coconut water, give it a try. It's so good.

Ricola is my favorite cough drop brand and I take Dayquil if I'm congested. I try to drink plenty of water and sleep extra hours. I try not to exercise as much while I'm sick and I eat lot's of bone broth and chicken noodle soup.

Do you have any cold remedies or go-to's for a cold? Let me know! Hope you get through cold season healthy!

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