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Wake The Hell Up

It's so easy to get behind in our lives. We get complacent and wayyy too comfortable with the norm. Am I right?

We think that we're doing "just fine" where we are. So, why put the extra effort forth to change it up? We work, we pay our bills, and then do it all over again.

Well, I'm here to tell you to WAKE THE HELL UP! Stop lying to yourself! You deserve so much better than what you think you do. AND you can have it too.

Sure, it might take extra work. But, if you want it, you'll stop being a lazy butt face and get it. (too harsh?)

We like to lie to ourselves. It's human nature.

"I'm not ready. I'm too tired. I'm too busy. I can't do that right now. I could never have that. I didn't go to college so I can't do that."

Put all of these lies to rest. (forget rest, beat the shi* out of them)

You're never too busy to fulfill your dreams. You have the energy, the knowledge, the time. And the time is now.

I always have moments where I feel like giving up. I always wonder if anyone is even reading my blog posts. "What's the point of writing them if no one is even going to read them?" And maybe I'm right! Maybe no one will read them. But, do I know that for sure?? NO. Did I go to college? Hell no. Am I busy? Hell yeah. But, never too busy to focus on my dreams. Those are my number 1 priority. Otherwise, what;s the purpose of life anyway?

Why do we lie to ourselves?

It's much easier to say "we're busy" or "we'll get to it eventually" than putting time aside to do it right now. Going after your dreams means sacrifice. A sacrifice of time and effort. Plus, it's scary to put yourself out there. We think that if we give our dream the effort, it could fail. And then we'll be heart broken. We don't want to risk the failure, so we never start in the first place. Or we start and self sabotage so it doesn't happen anyway.

Trust me, I get it. Trying and failing is the absolute worst. But, you know what? Failing isn't an option if you keep trying.

Just try and try again. You will never fail until you fully put it to rest.

Stop the excuses.

You can make time... an hour every night? Don't hang out with your friends ONE day of the weekend.

You're tired? Who the frick isn't tired? You think CEO's got to where they are because they slept all day? LOL.

You didn't go to college? Have you watched Shark Tank? Or any of the movies with self made millionaires that didn't go to college?


Whatever you want to do, make it happen.

When I moved to LA I was terrified. I had never lived on my own, paid bills, had a "real job", or driven in a city. I was paralyzed.

For a while I let that fear hold me back from everything. Until, one day, I told myself to wake the hell up! To stop pitying myself and make shi* happen. To face my fears head on. Start saying yes to things. Start making contacts. Start exploring new places and doing what would normally scare me. I've made 90% of my friends from random places that I never would have gone, had I stayed scared.

I knew I deserved more in life. I was tired of always being broke, and scared, and bored. I wanted to travel, and smile, and laugh, and take pictures of where I went! I knew the only way to become my own boss one day was to work hard at it now and hope it pays off. The worst thing that'll happen is being exactly where I was right then. You can always go up from where you are.

So, stop worrying so much! Life is short! Stop thinking that a mediocre life is okay! You deserve excellence! You deserve happiness and freedom! I promise you can get it. Don't take no for an answer.

I wanted to write this post to boost you up a bit this week. I have moments where I feel so incredibly stuck and I don't know where I want to go or what I want to do. Sometimes it's really hard to know if your hard work is paying off. If you don't start seeing return immediately, it's hard to have drive to continue. There's just such a big part of me that knows I can do this. It knows I can have what I want. I was always told growing up that I was stubborn, resilient, wouldn't take no for an answer, head strong, confident. Where is that little girl? The fearless one? I always have to remind myself that she's in there somewhere. She just needs to wake her sleeping ass up. (I'm quite the sleeping beauty and so is my fiery inner child lol)

Please promise me you'll stop sleeping! Write down your goals. Imagine your dream self. Manifest it! You can do it!

Dream it. Manifest it. Achieve it.

Love you love you love you! Big hugs from my computer to you <3

Go get em' tiger.

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