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My Weekly Anti Acne Skin Ritual

I've just recently been introduced to Cocokind and I'm hooked!

They live by the philosophy that your skin changes constantly with weather, hormones, diet, and everything else life throws at you!

I could not agree more. You can have dry skin and oily skin and everything in between. It just depends on what your body is going through at that time. They have organic products that help every type of skin and every phase of skin. Plus their instagram always has amazing tips for keeping your skin clear and healthy. You can find all their products easily at Whole Foods too!

This has been doing WONDERS for my skin since I've gotten off birth control. It really helps fight those hormonal breakouts and fade them quickly.

I started doing this ritual 3 times a week or whenever my skin is being a pain. It's a 2 step process.

After you cleanse your face,

Start with the Turmeric Spot Treatment on your trouble areas. (some of you have seen on my insta stories, I always have this on)

Then apply the Chlorophyll Mask on top.

Let it sit for an hour or as long as you want! The best part about this mask is that it doesn't dry out your skin!

Tip 1: The ratio of mask and water is a little hard to get at first. You put a scoop of the mask and drizzle a little water in your palm until it's a clay mask texture. Watch the highlights on @cocokind 's instagram if you need more help. She shows you exactly how to do it.

Tip 2: The turmeric stick does stain the skin a bit and sometimes is hard to take off. (if you leave it on for hours) But, don't worry! Oil removes oil. You can use their oil cleanser and it should come right off. (possibly other oils such as coconut as well but I haven't tried)

Fun fact: You can add the chlorophyll mask to your water too! Chlorophyll has tons of benefits for your body like helping with skin health, cancer fighting, detoxification, inflammation and weight loss! I do it all the time. Double use products are my fave! Plus, it makes you feel better about what you're putting on your face if you can eat it too. (lol)

There you have it! You'll really start to get a rhythm with it and your skin will thank you. Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you try it!

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