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The Accessory That Goes Where I Go

I keep getting asked, "where is your bag from?" So, my dear friends, I'm going to tell you!

I got this amazing crossbody around Christmas time, thanks to my boyfriend (with a few helpful hints from me haha).

This is the kind of accessory you can wear anytime, anywhere, and with almost any outfit.

Remember when the Prada belt bag came out and everyone had to have it?

Well, I got this one because 1. I don't have a bunch of money to spend on a purse and 2. IT'S CONVERTIBLE.

This bag converts in 4 different ways! It can be a crossbody, belt bag, shoulder bag, and wristlet!

Thank the good lord for the company that made this possible.

Lo&Sons is my new go-to company for smart and cute travel bags. They have so many different and well made bags for a great price!

All of their bags have a million pockets to stay organized on the go! Perfect for traveling or for every day.

This bag, in particular, is called "The Waverley" and it's super great quality and holds a lot more than you'd think!

I use it at work as a fanny pack to hold my walkie on the belt strap and then convert it to a crossbody for night time wear. I cannot tell you enough how this bag has changed the game for me.

See for yourself!

You NEED this bag for your next trip or for your every day!

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