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Teas I Swear By

As most of you know, I love tea. To the same level of excitement Oprah get's about bread.

I shared my Honey Rose Latte in an earlier post. Now, I want to share with you my favorite every day teas. No mixing involved.

Numi Toasted Rice Green Tea

I drink like 3 mugs of this a day. It has changed my outlook on green tea all together. I can drink this with a tbs of honey or just by itself. I have made all of my friends try this tea and they always LOVE it. Even the ones that hate green tea. This sways them. The toasted rice smooths out the bitterness that's usually in green tea and makes it way easier to enjoy. It has a similar taste to those honey rice puff cereals from back in the day. I drink this all day, every day. You can find it at Whole Foods, Ralphs, Sprouts, Amazon, or anywhere they sell Numi teas usually.

Numi Breakfast Blend

This black tea is, by far, my favorite black tea. Numi is just a top notch brand, okay? This tea is amazing with a little raw sugar and a splash of almond milk. I've even made lattes out of this tea.

Be Well Teas - Get Clean

This is a detox tea that I drink every night. It's not your usual detox tea that helps you lose weight or makes you go to the bathroom.

Every time I say detox tea everyone goes running and won't try it. This is different!! It's more of a calming and digestive tea. It has no caffeine, it helps soothe tummy aches, and helps digestion after big meals. I drink this after I eat something heavy or too greasy that I need help digesting. It works amazing! It smells like popcorn and tastes like vanilla cookies or something. It's so good. I recommend this one before bed every night.

Have you tried any of these teas? What'd you think? Let me know on social media!

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