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5 Tips To Get You Through Hump Day

Wednesdays are rough. They're not quite the beginning of the week, not quite the end. You may feel unmotivated and tired knowing the weekend is still 2 days away. Like, good god, is this day ever going to end? Is this week ever going to end? How many more times can I Google memes on the internet before my boss realizes I'm not working??

We've all been there.

So, here are 5 tips to get you through the humpiest of all hump days.

1. STOP looking at the clock.

As much as you need to see every minute passing before your eyes... stop it. It makes time go by so much slower. It sounds like a "duh" moment. But, you'd be surprised how many times I need to force myself to not check what time it is.

Instead, find something to do that'll keep you busy instead. Clean something, walk to the bathroom, take a walk outside, think about all the errands you need to do this week and plan out how you're going to do them. Take this moment of boredness to really get all your thoughts together. Did that make a couple minutes go by?

2. LAUGH often.

Either find some funny cat videos or find the person in the office that makes you laugh. A great tip to keeping a more happy outlook is laughing at something that would normally aggravate you. Instead of getting mad, try laughing. Yes, you'll look insane. But, you'll see that it actually improves your mood because some things are just out of your control. No use in getting mad about it. Life goes on.

3. Take a WALK.

This was mentioned in tip 1. But for real... get some vitamin D. Breathe in the outside air. Look at a tree. You might just feel more one with the earth. Ya never know.


Stretching will help relieve stress. Take a second to just stretch out your limbs and take a deep breath. It'll help that moment of back aching, slouched over, computer back that we have sometimes.


It is the answer to all. Put on some upbeat music and do what you gotta do. Do a little dance... make a little love... (where was I going with this?) You get it.

Hopefully, your hump day goes by super fast. Don't fret too much, it'll be over soon. I promise.

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