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How I Beat My Motion Sickness

I've always had horrible motion sickness. HORRIBLE. I couldn't fly without throwing up or getting horrible stomach anxiety. It was always so stressful on my body to travel. I could barely lift my bags because I was so weak. I would get so hot when I landed that I would throw up almost instantly. Not only that, but while descending I would have this awful pressure in my ears and head that would be so painful I would cry. It felt like my head was imploding. I've tried dramamine and sleeping on the plane and stretching...nothing worked. I recently flew to Italy and, as you can imagine, I was super nervous about it. A 9-hour flight plus trams, buses, car rides... nausea central. But somehow, I was fine through all of it.

This is what I did to help beat my motion sickness:

Know what sets off your nausea.

Mine was the pressure while descending, how hot it would get when you landed, the shared air on the plane, and the hour I would fly.

Book your flight at a time of day your stomach is most comfortable.

For me, it's afternoon or evening/overnight so I can sleep. Early flights will do nothing but set off your nerves and make you feel rushed.

Start Exercising.

Yepp... It helps. I started working out daily and challenging my body. I got stronger and my body is now able to handle more stress.

Learn to breathe and how to calm yourself.

I downloaded an app for guided meditation called Headspace. It helps you get rid of the noise around you and focus on yourself.

EAT and Drink Water.

I know it sounds like a given, but I would sometimes not have time to eat or straight up not be hungry at all. You NEED to eat. It's super important to not fly on an empty stomach. Your body is more likely to get nauseous or nervous. Pack snacks to munch on the plane. I like to bring baby carrots and hummus, some tea I like, and some granola bars.

Get an eye mask and ear covering/noise-canceling headphones.

Since my problem is mostly the pressure on planes, I started using these noise canceling headphones that cover your ears. They help the pressure around your ear drum stay consistent. The air is trapped in that area so it helps it change the pressure slower. It also helps you sleep because it feels like you're not on a plane. The noise canceling is no joke. The eye mask is a given.

I like the cupped eye masks that don't sit on top of your eyes. The headphones I use are JBL Everest Elite 300 Bluetooth Headphones. Those have been the real lifesaver for me.

And finally, motion sickness medicine.

I know, it sucks. Some work, some don't... I tried the natural kind and it was okay. My favorite kind now I get on Amazon. It's called ZenTrip. It's a tongue strip that dissolves. Doesn't taste awful. Really works, for 24 hours.

Alright. That's my list. I'll do a post about all the stuff I bring on a plane more in detail in the future. I hope these tips and techniques help you beat your motion sickness. Try not to think about it too much. Don't sike yourself out. And believe that you can.

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