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Why Did I Start A Blog?

Hey there!

My first blog post ever... nerve wracking isn't it? I have to engage you people by being witty, inviting, funny, heartwarming. Like I'm a 90's sitcom... Let's start with why the hell I wanted to start a blog...

Blogs are so friggin helpful. Whether you're searching for a food recipe, outfit ideas, answers to those embarrassing late night questions that you hope other people have too, or just boredom. I'm always googling things and wanting to know about EVERYTHING. It's amazing what the brain retains. For instance, my brain retains facts about hair, food, makeup, random anatomy, disease... but it sure as hell does not retain history, geography, or math... we can't all be perfect. Why do you think I went to cosmetology school? But it feels as though blogs are a great way to connect with the outside world from wherever you are. There are other people that are going through whatever you're going through, there are other people that have wanted to make smores brownie chocolate cookies at 2 am, someone else out there has suuuuuper bad cramps that f*** their life up too. So basically, I wanted a world where people can come and feel comfortable sharing all of their random thoughts, goals, recipes...whatever!

Being a girl of many interests and talents (writing and beauty being 2 of them) I wanted a place to send people when they constantly ask me for tips on beauty or skin care or advice. I want to be that page that helps you not still have to google 70 more things after you visit it.

Like, you want to find a new foundation and don't have $1,000 to do so, but you also have oily skin, and have a dry spot on your chin, and want it to stay on all day, and hate strong smells, and what the hell skin tone am I, and OMG why am I in Target sweating holding 32 foundations that a million different beauty gurus lead me to????!! That's what I want to help with...hopefully.

I'm good at hair, beauty, and kick ass DIY Halloween costumes.

I've always wanted a Youtube channel. I started one of my singing and honestly, it's tough. Not only is constantly making videos a full-time job, you have to deal with the people. I never thought I would care what people say... but boy do trolls know how to sting you. Once you get over the annoyance of peoples mean comments and remind yourself that you got disssssssss, you post more videos that you worked a million hours on only to get 4 views... mostly from your mom and your friends. It's frustrating. Everyone wants to be something/someone and no one knows why the hell people that suck get the spotlight.

What can you do? You're just a random girl with hair like everyone else and goals like everyone else.

I realize this blog might not go far. Heck, I don't even know if anyone will read it. But, if I can help one person get through a rough day, or help someone spend 2 hours in Target instead of 3, or give you some bomb ass Halloween costume ideas... I'll be happy.

I honestly just needed a place to put all of my shit... so consider this my storage unit. You're welcome.

And if you've made it down to here... thank you. Really... you're very patient and you rock.

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