love starts with loving yourself

You've heard the saying, "happy wife, happy life." Well, reverse it.

Happiness starts with YOU. Not your significant other. Read that back. Internalize it. 

Bottom line: You can't have a happy relationship if you're not happy with your own life.

Life is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Lots of them. It’s inevitable.

But the truth is, things turn out best when you make the best of the way things turn out.

Trust me, I know how tough it is to stay positive and that getting out of your head is sometimes virtually impossible.

Staying positive, feeling your emotions, and managing them... it's all a delicate balance of training your mind in order to change your attitude. And it's not easy. 

I've jumped from job to job, moved across the country, and taken some scary leaps all while being in a relationship. 

I can tell you one thing: Life starts outside of your comfort zone.

So start packing, sister, cuz I’m taking you on a trip and getting yourself out of your head. Let's find YOUR happy.

Life is short.

Love yourself first.

xoxo, Crystal

are you in a realationship?

That head in the clouds, can't eat, can't sleep, can't breathe feeling?

Let's get one thing straight ~ relationships include romantic partnerships AND platonic friendships.

Both of these types of relationships take love, kindness, understanding, and trust. If you don't have these fundamentals, your relationship will surely fall apart.

Transparency, vulnerability, and acceptance will keep your ship afloat. 

Throughout my life, I've learned a lot from both my friendships and my romantic partnerships. A friendship and a romantic partnership go hand in hand.

I am a firm believer that your romantic relationship should start with the core foundation of a friendship. Love is complex: It can be scary, easy, intense, heartbreaking, and amazing all the same time, so it’s important to go through the gamut of emotions with your favorite person ~ your BFF. 

Through my coaching methods, I will help you navigate some of the most challenging triggers when it comes to relationships of all kinds: 

-Understanding, and navigating your emotions

-How to "fight" in a healthy way

-How to combat suspicion

-How to love wholeheartedly

And how to deal with the tough stuff like: 

-How to let go of toxic friendships

-Ways to build your self-confidence

-How to become more trusting

Emotions are normal. We’re only human. What you DO with those emotions determines your relationship's outcome and overall success. 


Life is short.

Get yourself a REALationship.

xoxo, Crystal

it's not that deep

Crystal is known for her chill & positive approach to life and love.

Her motto, "It's not that deep," is her way of saying to not take life too seriously.

Having been in a solid partnership for over 9 years with her boyfriend, Derek, and several lasting friendships that started when she was in diapers, she believes that the recipe for a healthy relationship ~ whether romantic or a friendship ~ is equal parts communication, trust and silliness. Crystal strongly believes that there are truly no right or wrong answers when it comes to love ~ Throw your "rule book" out the window and let your guard down.


After having many friends of all ages come to her for advice on relationships and friendship struggles, she decided to start offering life and relationship coaching to her audience, as she has found that many girls her age could use an unbiased opinion when it comes to relationships and love. Though she’s not a certified psychologist by any means, she offers a relaxed, uplifting and trusting approach on life and love to her followers and hopes that whether people need advice or just someone to talk to, she can be their go-to gal.

She hopes to pass on her love of life and remind people that we only have one, so stop overthinking it!

To book a session with me, reach out via email!


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