The BIGO Babes | Full Brand Development

The BIGO Babes is an unofficial networking community of bright, bold and bubbly like-minded babes on the live broadcasting app, BIGO LIVE. They strive to be a source of sisterly support on BIGO, help each other grow, and provide entertaining and thoughtful content to their audience.

Mood Board

Web Design

When making The BIGO Babes website, I went with a fun, pastel, girly pallet. The color scheme and font choice were bubbly and clean. 

Social Media

A mixture of royalty free and curated images were used for the instagram to make it feel more custom and thought out, keeping the pink, white, and pastel tones throughout.


Keeping the theme from the website and Instagram, I made flyers for The BIGO Babes parties and various other graphics for social promotion. I customized each flyer and made them compatible for all platforms.