Meet Crystal

Crystal is a 26-year-old casting associate, blogger, life and relationship coach, and live streamer in Los Angeles, CA. 


She always knew she had a lot of advice to give and joy to spread, even before embarking on her blogging journey. She’s a strong advocate of doing what feels good, and that when you feel it, you should go for it ~ whatever “it” is for you. 


Crystal has always excelled at juggling several professions at once. Finding the balance between life (including being a partner and cat mom), work, and her many passions. Being a singer, dancer, cosmetologist, casting associate, live streamer, and all-around life coach, Crystal is breaking the stereotype “Jack (or Jill, in this case!) of all trades, master of none.” She believes you can master anything and everything if you work hard, stay focused, and always have a cappuccino in hand.


Born in Italy, raised in Connecticut, and now living in Los Angeles, Crystal has connected with people from all over the world. She speaks 2 languages (and counting!) and loves learning about different cultures. Though she doesn’t return to Italy as often as she’d like, she stays connected to her roots by speaking to her aunts regularly, and live streaming with Italians on popular live streaming platform BIGO Live. 



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