hi, I'm Crystal

I'm a Leo sun, Pisces moon, Sag rising,

as well as an Italian native living in LA, a cappuccino lover, cat mom, and wearer of many hats.


I was born in Italy, (hence my love for wine, hosting, and cappuccinos) raised in Connecticut, and now live in Los Angeles (going on 7 years).


Why so many niches?

When I said I wear many hats, I wasn't kidding.

I'm a singer, blogger, and freelance model, as well as the CEO of my branding + social media company, Posi Media Co.

When I started my blogging journey in 2018, I wanted to share my many passions which include beauty, fitness, traveling, and food! As the years narrowed down my niches and I became more passionate about fitness, I began to focus my mindset on beauty, fitness, and wellness. 

I am a strong believer in getting back what you put out there, keeping a positive attitude (even when it's a struggle), and maintaining a healthy/balanced lifestyle. 

That's why my motto is "look good. feel good. believe in yourself."



Nowadays, you could say I'm a professional homebody. You can find me working from home, hanging out with my boyfriend (Derek), and snuggling my cats (Finn & Bella).

I am building my company from the ground up as well as continuing my own brand/blog.

My passion has always been helping people and spreading joy. That's why my company is called Posi ~ short for positive.

ciao for now!

xo, Crystal

I can't live without...